About Us

Centaur Ltd. is a Brokerage General Agency domiciled in central Illinois founded in 1989.

Who We Are


is to assist independent life insurance agents and brokers to procure competitive products and services to satisfy the insurance needs of their clients. We promise this will result in a pleasant and profitable experience for all involved.

Centaur Ltd. provides a level of personal service seldom found in the large, impersonal brokerage houses. We recognize the importance technology plays in the insurance business today and rely very heavily on it in our office. However, we feel that our business is still a relationship business. When you call our toll free number you get to talk to a real person who cares about your needs. You will not be directed to an extension where you can leave a message and hope you will hear from someone eventually. If you ever have to leave a message, your call will be returned promptly. Call 1-800-562-3059 to begin your personal experience today!

Our Team of Experts

You can count on the experts at Centaur LTD to find solutions best suited for your needs. 

Years in serving Independent Brokerage Agents